Think back to when you were buying your first home. Remember how you researched the location, had specific needs, and were serious about getting exactly what you wanted. Potential home buyers who come to look at your house are no different than you were back then. Understanding the buyer will put you ahead of the crowd when it comes to selling your property.

Home Repair & Staging

This is one of the first things on the list that you can control. Your property should be appealing from the curb to the basement. A buyer is looking to see if you cared for your home and took the time to maintain the integrity of the property. Take a walk around your home and make a note of things that require your attention. Replace broken items, schedule maintenance on systems, and do a deep cleaning. They want to see themselves living in that space. Stage your home with neutral colors, remove all personal collections, and make sure things stay show-ready while your home is on the market.

Setting the Asking Price

This is another piece of the puzzle that you control. Your real estate agent provides you with a comprehensive report on the value of your home that helps with this part of the process. They consider factors like recent homes sold in your neighborhood, real estate trends, and any upgrades you’ve made. Set the asking price competitively and correctly from the start. Keep in mind that today’s buyer is looking for an accurate asking price, and they’ve done their own homework to make sure you are right on target.

Location, Location, Location

Buyers are looking for specific things when it comes to location. They consider the proximity to their job, schools, and community amenities. If their commute time is an important factor and your house is not within their distance target, there isn’t much you can do about that fact. However, your real estate agent can advise you on ways to overcome this and other obstacles.

Size of the Home

Buyers are typically looking for something specific in the size of the home they choose. Some buyers are looking to downsize or prefer a smaller home. Other buyers are interested in sprawling estates with large lots. There is little you can do about the current size of your home, but it’s important to be aware that the amount of space is important to buyers. When staging, you can optimize small spaces by making sure the furniture is the right size. Your real estate agent has other tips to help maximize the space you must work with when selling your house.

Appealing Amenities

If history has proven anything in the real estate market, it’s that what a buyer wants when it comes to amenities and floor plans changes over time. Your real estate market can clue you in on what’s hot right now when it comes to home amenities. In some cases, it might be worth the investment to update your home to include one or more of the favored amenities. Be cautious when doing so and seek the advice of your real estate agent to see which options are most beneficial.

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